Yes, finally I've fallen for Tumblr. And I warn you, it's extremely addicting. I've had it for a little under two weeks now and I already have more than 100 followers! The pictures above are just a few examples of what I post on my page. Clearly mostly vintage, film and nature. You can find my blog on satinclouds.tumblr.com! Have a lovely day and I hope that I can take a few outfit photos soon! xoxo


Shine on

Antwerp was amazing, I bought quite a lot of stuff, including the cardigan and the top I'm wearing. I'll show the other stuff soon! I only had two comments on my last post and I know that's because of my lack of posting, I hate myself for letting you down. I'll try to be a better blogger! xoxo

cardigan - new look                                           top - forever 21                                         jeans - h&m                                            shoes - h&m


Satin clouds

So, loads of pictures today because I felt like posting them... I absolutely adore the colour of these pants, I bought them in Paris at New Look and I've never seen anything like them. I paired the berry-coloured wonders with my favourite jumper and my favourite flat shoes, so this was a perfect and very comfortable outfit! I hope you like it and I hope you're not mad at me for not posting very often. I hate it and I notice that because of it the comments on my posts are starting to drop, but it's just the way it is. xoxo

jumper - romwe                                                                   pants - new look                                                               shoes - shoe outlet




So, finally an outfit post again! HELL YEAH! I absolutely love wearing these leggings, because they are so comfortable and warm. Paired with my favourite shirt, this outfit can't go wrong! Well, at least if you like velvet, and leggings, and shirts.
January and february are really the months of the big cities for me. The first week of january I visited Paris, next week I'm visiting Antwerp and the last week of February I'm visiting London with my mother! Finally! Oh, how I've missed London... Hope you had a great weekend! xoxo

blouse - bershka                                                        velvet leggings - h&m                                                        shoes- sacha