A year of blogging.

I can't believe already a year has past since I wrote my first blogpost, it feels like I started just yesterday. Unlike other girls who make these kind of posts, I can't ramble about how much I have accomplished through my blog, because I haven't. Well, I still loved every second of it and look what a difference between my first and one of my last outfits! Amazing, isn't it?
What do you guys think of my new lay-out? I think I really like it! xoxo 

3 opmerkingen:

Rieke zei

Gefeliciteerd! Je foto's zijn echt heel erg veel beter geworden, net als je posts en outfits!

Eline zei

nou, als ik deze foto's zie vind ik wel dat je vooruit bent gegaan hoor! :D
Sowieso zijn je foto's beter en je outfits zijn ook leuker! :)


time flies.