I've never had the words to say.

My Romwe sweater finally arrived! And I've also bought some velvet leggings at the H&M kids section today and I'm absolutely in love with them! I'll probably post a proper outfit tomorrow! xoxo


He fed his spirit with the bread of books.

Some of my all time favourites. Oh, how I love reading. This post is really different from the usual stuff, but I felt like posting it and I'd love my blog to be more than just a fashion blog. xoxo


Some do magic, some do harm.

Did a little photoshoot with my father today! I love the quality of these pictures, it's quite good, I think. I went to see Breaking Dawn part 1 yesterday, I have to say it's better than the other three parts. But Twilight is still nothing in comparison to Harry Potter. Hallelujah. xoxo

knit - bershka                               blouse - romwe                                             skirt - h&m                                                boots - sacha


Uncover our heads and reveal our souls.

Lately I've been watching nothing but Bones and I heard this beautiful song in one of the episodes. Since then I've fallen in love with Fever Ray's music, it's so gorgeous and mysterious, you should all go and listen to it now! xoxo


A year of blogging.

I can't believe already a year has past since I wrote my first blogpost, it feels like I started just yesterday. Unlike other girls who make these kind of posts, I can't ramble about how much I have accomplished through my blog, because I haven't. Well, I still loved every second of it and look what a difference between my first and one of my last outfits! Amazing, isn't it?
What do you guys think of my new lay-out? I think I really like it! xoxo 


Captured Moments

So I thought it would be fun to tell you guys about my week. Shall I do this every week, or isn't it very interesting? The first picture I took in the car on my to my uncle, who lives in this huge house with lots of animals. On the second picture you can see Sammie, my uncles shetland horse, who is adorable and really funny. I also had to learn Latin while I was there, which you can see on the third picture.
And then the weekend was over. The next picture is of another outfit with my new favourite skirt, I didn't post this outfit on my blog, so I thought I could share it with you anyway. On the picture after that you can finally see the collar of that beautiful lace shirt I was wearing thursday and on the picture after that you see my favourite shampoo and conditioner. I bought these last friday along with the skirt and it was love at first sight. They smell so good and my hair feels so soft and healthy! You guys should all buy Aussie's products! The blurry photo is from my birthday party. My dad made it and he didn't know how to turn on the flash, so this was the result, haha. The last picture is me, typing this, being very cold and a little bit sick. xoxo


It's the city of love that waits for you.

It's a shame that you don't really see my shirt in these pictures, because it's really pretty! It's dark blue lace and I love it, haha! Well, today I went to the park to take pictures with my friend again. She finally has her own blog now, called acelestialworld.blogspot.com. It's so much fun to have someone to take pictures with! This weekend I'm going to Amsterdam so I think I won't post anything, but I'll definitely buy some clothes there! xoxo


White rabbits on the run.

Today I tried to take pictures inside, to find light places for when winter comes. But when I started taking pictures (around 5 p.m.) it was way to dark to make proper ones. So I'm sorry, no outfit today, just a pretty picture of my pretty cat Lucky, she's the sweetest cat you'll ever meet. I swear. xoxo


But we had time against us and miles between us.

I was at my uncle in Groningen for the weekend! He lives in a very small village and has a very big house! I always love going to there as I want to be a vet when I grow up and I love taking care of his animals, especially the horse called Sammie. Friday I finally bought this skirt from H&M, I've been lusting over it for ages but it always was sold out in my size.. xoxo


I felt so incredibly happy.

So a few days ago I won Jessica's giveaway (thegragicsense.blogspot.com) which consisted of an $80 giveaway for Romwe! I scanned the whole site and loved a lot of pieces, so it was really hard to make a final decision. I saw this awesome sweater with a British flag on it, and you guys know how much I love England! But in the end, with a little help of my mother, I decided to buy pieces I thought I needed. I've wanted a black chiffon blouse and a white jumper for a very long time, so these two garments are gorgeous! I also love the frilly socks, which will look cute with my brown sandals from H&M. I did find a jumper today at H&M which looked a lot like mine, which is a shame, but I'll just have to live with that. xoxo


Standing calmly at the crossroads.

Hells yeah, my first pictures taken on location! I still have to learn a lot, but it was so much fun! I took the pictures with my lovely best friend Jessie, who is also thinking about getting a blog! Wouldn't that be wonder ful? I'm trying to convince her with good arguments, so I hope it works. Today I wore this jeans shirt from Primark, dark green pants from Zara and a black sweater from H&M. xoxo


Get out of my head and fall into my arms instead.

It was already dark when I wanted to take pictures, so I decided to share two of my favourite blogs with you. These girls are absolutely amazing, you should check them out (if you haven't already). The first picture is an outfit by Anna-Lena from http://liveyourteenagedreams.blogspot.com/ and the second is Imogen from http://unemaisondelamode.blogspot.com/. xoxo


We're lost in the middle of nowhere.

Went for a comfy outfit today with my new shoes and blouse (LOVE). It feels like the days just pass without me noticing it and it freaks me out. I think it's because my life consists of just school, homework, eating, sleeping. Luckily I'm going dancing this afternoon, which hopefully will cheer me up a little. xoxo

blouse - c&a                                            top - h&m                                              pants - primark                                                  shoes - shoe outlet


It felt so crystal in the air.

Went to the city yesterday with my best friend and I bought a few things. I've wanted a pair of desert boots for a very long time, and now these baby's are finally mine. I believe they were from Shoe Outlet, but I'm not sure. I've also bought a light grey sweater with sequins on it, the pattern kinda reminds me of an aztec print. The sweater was from New Yorker. I've also bought a burgundy corduroy shirt with some really cool details, like elbow pads, from C&A. Can you believe it? C&A? Like, I never find anything in that store, but I thought this shirt was really special. xoxo


I was following the pack.

So sorry for the quality of the pictures, it's like the worst. I was really tired today so I didn't really do anything at school, not so proud of that, haha. Well, now I'm watching the new Glee episode and the accent of the new guy reminds me of Niall. Hallelujah. xoxo