Who needs a degree when you're schoolin' life?

I've finally found a camera to use 'till I get a new one, it's my brothers! I hope you like this outfit. I acutally do, a lot, I was inspired by a layering video I saw on youtube and I thought; let's try it out! It came out pretty good, I guess. I hope you guys are enjoying school, well, as much as possible! I'm so looking forward to the autumn holiday we have here in the Netherlands, I'm going to Sicily for a week! Any tips? xoxo

pants - primark                           belt - h&m                       denim shirt - primark                            blazer  - h&m                          boots - sacha


The sky's the limit.

Today is the day my camera died. I took pictures on the balcony and then it fell, all the way down to the second floor. The screen is broken but the camera itself still works. I'm actually more said than you think I would be, 'cause my camera went through a lot with me. It has seen America, England, Norway and all the crazy stuff I did with my friends. Not to forget it is the camera I took my first blog picture with. I'll miss you, dear camera. May you rest in peace. Luckily my birthday is around the corner, so I can get a new one, any suggestions? Untill then I'll have to take pictures with my brothers/mothers camera, which'll probably be of a less good quality, my apologies.

Do you like my new blogname? I do! I thought I was ready for a new start, a new beginning. But the layout is still not done, 'cause I haven't figured out yet how everything works. Can somebody help me? Haha! xoxo

knitted skirt - new yorker                             shirt - h&m                                 scarf - new yorker                             pistol boots - sacha